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About Us

The story of Olivia Couture began in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, when Olivia Yip, the curator and tailor of the brand’s masterpieces, just got married and was looking for her own wedding gown. There, she was intrigued for the first time by the art of dressmaking in a petite boutique. Unlike what she saw in Hong Kong, the boutique had their source of clothing that made the dresses special. The shopkeeper met their customers in person to ensure each dress is tailor-made and hence fits the customer the best. Olivia was fascinated and decided to bring this concept to Hong Kong.

Olivia had a graphic design background, but this did not limit her passion for dressmaking. Instead, this turned into her advantage as she strived to realise her dream to pursue elegance in fashion. Returning to Hong Kong, Olivia started to learn dressmaking from a retired couple experienced in running clothing workshops, where she acquired an Asian flavour in her design. She also started to share the passion with her best friends by making their wedding gowns. To ensure the dresses are made for the one who wears it, Olivia is involved in every process of the production – meetings, paper drafts, tailoring and so on.

As the word spreads and Olivia started to get more requests for her tailor-made dresses, she decided to have her very own couture where she can invite her customers to have a taste of the Saint-Germain experience the one Olivia had years ago. With a tranquil environment filled with petite boutiques, Yiu Wa Street became where Olivia continued her pursuit for the elegance and happiness in dressmaking.

The Olivia Couture experience started at meeting with Olivia, when Olivia would suggest the types of dresses that suit the customer according to her body figure. It follows the choice of the right cloth, a sketch of the desired dress and the production of a dress sample. Olivia would then meet the customer again to try on the sample and make amendments. Finally, the ideal dress, which consists of six to seven layers of cloth imported from top-tier manufacturers in France and Italy, is produced and picked up by the customer.

The couture experience by Olivia is associated with her road to a professional designer and tailor in Paris and Hong Kong. Fine customers in Olivia Couture celebrate the uniqueness of the Saint-Germain story reinterpreted in the international fashion hub of Asia.